Welcome to Sporting Art

Since beginning my professional painting career over 30 years ago as a wildlife artist, one of my favorite subjects has been foxes and hunting dogs (hounds). In the tradition of country life pursuits, I would like to present my collection of sporting art.

In 1990, my painting “Springtime Red Fox” was selected by Ducks Unlimited Canada as part of their annual Art print program. Taken from one of a pair of original watercolours, featuring Red foxes in a springtime moment, these images are still much sought after today. Since then I have painted many fox paintings, portraits and studies, probably more than any other animal. As an avid fan of the Sporting dog breeds (myself an owner of black labs) I look forward to any opportunity to capture the hunting hounds either at the kennel or working with the hunt.

Over the years I have completed over 15 Hound in a trailer (series) artworks and numerous hound paintings in oil and watercolour, they are always a popular subject.
In 2012 and 2014 my hound paintings were selected by Art and the Animal Kingdom to participate in their annual prestigious exhibitions.

A special thanks to the late Alfie and Margaret Smith and the Lake of Two Mountains Hunt where I was first introduced to the sport of foxhunting and to the magic of the hounds. Also a thank you to the Toronto North York Hunt, Montreal Hunt, Whiskey Road Hunt (Aiken SC) for their continued generosity in providing me “hound” subjects.

“The thundering of hoofs rings out and hounds are
screaming shrill,
That little fox, he’s made of grit- he’s leading!
Leading still….”
G.C. Scheu
the foxhunters dream