Welcome to Polo Stars

This is a project to bring recognition and distinction to the great modern-day polo ponies playing in North America.

This is an homage to the polo horse with fine art portraits, sketches and photography by renowned artist Melinda Brewer with history and anecdotes collected on the sidelines, the backlines and the pony lines.

Gathered together is a lush visual anthology assembled in this unique high quality souvenir publication POLOART available beginning in February at the Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame Awards dinner and at various polo events throughout the polo community.

Volume 11, features some of the Best Playing Pony award winners from the high goal season in Florida as well as some notable and favourite ponies from the past year.

The POLOSTARS Annual 2017, volume 11, will feature the artwork and photos of Los Machitos Manitoba, GT Aftricano, Chapa Superstar, Any Negra, Surfur, Sinaloa, Sugar, Erin, Fletcha, Luna, Chocolate, Bossa Nova, Cuartetera B09, Mentolada, Los Machitos Jazzita and Simpatia.

To view more of Melinda Brewer’s artwork visit poloart.ca, mbrewerfineart.com and sportingart.ca